Iglesia Bíblica Sublime Gracia is a Spanish-speaking Baptist church located in Columbia Heights Washington, DC. It was established on March 4, 2018. 

We the members of the church consider ourselves as one big family, and we work every day to fulfil the word of God, to help each other and others and to evangelise our friends, neighbours and relatives the news of Jesus. 

We are BAPTISTS because we believe that water baptism is for Believers only. 

We are CONGREGATIONALISTS because we believe that under God, the Local Church is the ultimate authority in its decisions. 

We are CONFESSIONAL because we adopt the Doctrinal Declaration Faith and Message Baptist 2000. We are CONSERVATIVE because of our moral convictions. 

We are PRO-LIFE because we believe in the Dignity of the Human Being from the womb to the tomb. 

We are REFORMED because we believe ourselves to be heirs of the evangelical conquests of the great Reformers and Puritans of the 16th century expressed in the 5 Solas. 

We are COMPLEMENTARY because we think that roles of authority are biblically reserved for men. 

We are ELDER-LEADERED because we understand the plurality of men who have been nailed as the model established by the Lord for the Local Churches. 

We are MISSIONARIES because of our individual and collective passion to share the gospel permanently with friends, neighbours and family with the idea of strengthening and planting new churches where and when God allows us to do so. And above all, we are CHILDREN OF GOD, we are CHRISTIANS, we are SINNERS REDEEMED by the inexplicable unmerited grace of God. We are no respecter of persons nor do we favour any race, colour, sex, age or background over another.